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HATE follows the foibles of the semi-autobiographical Buddy Bradley. Hate became the voice of the twenty-nothing slackers as well as being hailed by critics for its brilliant characterization in its complete chronicle of the 1990s.

In this issue: In this full-color issue, scenic New Jersey is the backdrop for Buddy Bradley and his pal Jay's own business: "B+J's Collector Emporium." Things seem to be off to a great start, until Buddy starts to notice some strange behavior from Jay, coupled with unexplained "business deductions." Finally Buddy realizes that his "ideal" business partner has some serious shortcomings.

"Hate is devastatingly accurate." - The Village Voice

"I love Hate!" - Matt Groening

      Note: Not available to re-sellers. Fans/collectors only, please.

      Author/Artist: Peter Bagge
      Publisher: Fantagraphics Books
      Page Count: 26pp
      Size: 7 x 10
      Notes: saddle-stitched, color, out of print
      Date of Publication: June 1995