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An entire world hidden between the orange juice carton and ketchup bottle!

Bobby Sims’ Fridge Zone is the chronicle of interstellar explorers as they explore a new world. But these astronauts are not beyond our solar system. These are tiny “sofanauts” who have traveled from your couch to your refrigerator, and are now documenting the life that is flourishing in this harsh environment.

The avocado you’ve been meaning to eat and the leftovers you have forgotten about populate this strange land. In the spirit of old pulp science fiction tales, Fridge Zone explores how this cold climate with its erratic day/night cycle affects the intrepid travelers. Bobby’s creature designs are a lot of fun to observe from a safe distance…and without the odor.

Author: Bobby Sims
Publisher: self-published
Page Count: 16pp
Size: 6 x 6.75
Notes: saddle-stitched,2-color, 2nd edition
Date of Publication: 2017