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'It all starts the same but...'

All submissions begin with one first line from Volume 6, Number 1 to Volume 10, Issue 4.


  • Waiting by Alexis Misko
  • The Mute Butcher by Matthew J. Spireng
  • Lambs to Slaughter by Sela Ellen Underwood
  • Heart by Dionne Richardson
  • The Mouse That Rousts by Amanda Hoffman
  • The Blue Vase by Adam Lloyd
  • Little Girl Dreams by Joe Hoyle
  • New by Jim Freeh
  • Yellow Brick Road by Ron Stafford
  • Adaptation by Joanna Mechaley
  • Small Gifts by Christina Kapp
  • Onomastic by Atreyee Gupta
  • Nanny by Jane Chirgwin
  • Hide the Bodies by J.D. Kotzman
  • Lucky by Matthew John Fletcher
  • A Nostalgia for Steinbeck by Jenny Leonard

Editor: David LaBounty
Publisher: Blue Cubicle Press
Page Count: 140pp
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Notes: perfect bound
Date of Publication: Summer 2019