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The tables are turned on iconoclast toy designer Frank Kozik as he becomes a giant vinyl bust!

The Dead Kozik Bust was designed and sculpted by Kevin Gosselin for the Kozik Tribute Show at the 1 AM Gallery in San Francisco in 2012. After receiving an overwhelming response from the art community and successfully funding a Kickstarter campaign, Kevin brings a scaled up vinyl version to production. Originally standing at a modest 13", the bust now towers at 15". With box art designed by the man himself, Frank Kozik, these busts are a must have for any Ultraviolence art collector.

Made of rotocast vinyl, the Dead Kozik is a Limited Edition of 50 pieces.

      Artist: Kevin Gosselin
      Manufacturer: Disburst
      Size: 15 inches
      Notes: vinyl, bronze version, limited
      Release Date: 2015