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Movie Journal Of The Odd And Extreme.

Radioactive Raunch!!! In this issue:

  • A massive 8 page look at the history of Post Apocalyptic movies! From 'The Aftermath' to 'Warriors of the Wasteland' -- it's all here in all it's post-nuke glory! And wouldja look at that on-topic cover by Danny Hellman?! BOOM!
  • Breaking news about 'The Young Marrieds' a locally discovered Ed Wood movie with hardcore sex - previously thought to be lost forever!
  • A dirty, dirty, dirty 2 page comic starring classic cum princess Rene Bond! Damn, my pants are getting tighter!
  • A spotlight on comic artist/movie reviewer Rick Trembles, and his new animated film 'Goopy Spasms'!
  • Colin Upton does a comic about 'Doggy Poo', and the world mourns.
  • A Louise Brooks pin up by Kim Deitch!
  • An insane religious anti-movie tract from 1938! Laugh at the bizarre notions of freedom from obscenity your grandparents had! This one asks for readers to '... burn down the movie screens!'
  • Sinister Sam delves into the gothic spanish chills of Amando De Ossorio's 'Horror of the Zombies'
  • 'KitKat Experiment #17', one of the most extreme and misogynistic porn titles to come out of Germany in recent years, is put under a microscope
  • John Holmes and his massive cock steam up the screen with sex superstar Seka on Nazi love island in 'Prisoner of Paradise'
  • Porn starring the victims of the terrorist bombings in Bali? Yep, it's the tasteless 'Bali Boom Boom', and CS has got the review!
  • A walk down memory lane with Ed Varulo, who details his amazing experiences seeing porn movies on New York's 42nd street in the late 70's.
  • A detailed and illustrated account of Lee Frost's 'Climax of Blue Power', a classic rough and nasty shit-scab of a movie, as well as his 1974 exploitation classic 'PoliceWomen'!
  • A Shaw Brothers martial arts DVD roundup! I'm talkin' remastered and restored '70s kung fu classics avialable on DVD for the very first time!
  • A filthy comic about the Mitchell Brothers 'Sodom and Gomorrah'!
  • An interview with the stars of the finest cable access TV show in America: Industrial Television!
  • A torrid look at Japanese Sekuban and Naked Asian nuns, with stunning art by Mike Myhre!
  • George Chacon reminisces about his lusty teenage kicks at the Crestview Drive in!
  • All this and mounds of other reviews, crazy readers letters, and plenty more!

Editor: Robin Bougie
Publisher: self-published
Pages: pp
Size: 6.5 x 10.25
Notes: ADULTS ONLY, Saddle-stitched, b/w
Release Date: March 2005