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This book celebrates the 20th birthday of the Cartoon Network. A selection of artists from around the world were asked to interpret a Cartoon Network character. This book represents the results of that art show.

Includes work by:

  • Marc Bell
  • Jeremyville
  • Tasha Kusama
  • Tyson McAdoo
  • Niarki
  • Niko
  • Isabel Samaras
  • Bwana Spoons
  • Jack Teagle
  • Mark Todd
  • Tiny Kitten Teeth
  • Jason Wright
  • ...and many more.

    Designer: Mark Murphy / Murphy Design
    Publisher: Cartoon Network
    Page Count: 168pp
    Size: 7 x 9.75
    Notes: hardcover, out of print
    Date of Publication: 2012