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Named the best radio station in America by Rolling Stone magazine four years running, WFMU is considered the alternative radio station.

LCD (Lowest Common Denominator), the station's program guide—begun in 1986 as a visual counterpart to WFMU’s oddball programming—was a wicked cocktail of satire, cultural news, alternative history, and provocative artwork that has earned its own devoted cult followers. It ceased publication in 1998 and its back issues have become treasured—and valuable—collector’s items.

Dave the Spazz has spent the past twenty years hosting a weekly radio show on WFMU, self-publishing, freelance writing, making artwork, singing in punk-rock bands, and holding down one crummy job after another.

Editor: Dave the Spazz
Preface: Jim Jarmusch
Introduction: Ken Freedman
Publisher: Princeton Architectural Pres
Page Count: 238pp
Size: 7.75 x 10
Notes: paperback
Date of Publication: September 20, 2007
ISBN: 978-1568987156